You'll never guess what they're factory farming now ... | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

You'll never guess what they're factory farming now ...

'Meat: The Movie'

Watch Viva! and MamyTo! Film Collective's award winning new short film* that asks the simple, yet terrifying, question: how would you cope on a factory farm?

Anneka Svenska for Viva!

“I decided to help Viva! with their latest visual campaign 'Meat: The Movie' as I have been aware of the insufferable treatment of factory farmed animals since I was vey young which has resulted in me now becoming vegan. Animals are abused terribly on a daily basis in farming across the world. Meat the Movie puts people in the place of animals. Would you treat your own kind this way, would you want to see your friends, children, relatives caged, hit, beaten and then murdered as they watched their friends and family ahead of them being killed first? Imagine the fear and adrenaline that must coarse through these animals’ veins at the end of their lives. Just as if you were waiting for your own execution and being led towards the guillotine or at the hands of knifeman about to behead you. Animals have one life and one chance of experiencing the joys of this planet, just like us, so who are we to say we have the right to take this gift of life away from them in such a horrendous and terrifying manner. Please support Viva! and all the valuable work they do in raising awareness to help end this awful trade in death.”

TV presenter and Viva! supporter Anneka Svenska

Want to help the suffering of animals? The best way to do that is to simply stop eating them! Why not try our 30 Day Vegan? It's absolutely free and shows just how easy it is to eat kind.

Think Britain has the highest farmed animal welfare? Think again. Find out more about factory farming in Britain today.

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* ​'Meat: The Movie' is an award winning film by MamyTo! Film Collective. It won a main prize in the competition Social Campaign of the Year in the category Socially Engaged Actions.