William Sorflaten - Campaigner | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

William Sorflaten - Campaigner

What I do

I’m one of Viva!’s campaigners. I focus mostly on collaborating with vegan societies across British universities to spread the vegan word. This includes training students to become better activists, running university projects across the whole of the UK, and reaching out to the 18-24 year old age bracket, a crucial turning point for many people when they are finally free from the control of their parents and able to make their own choices for a healthier, kinder, greener world.


Working at Viva!

Billions of land animals and trillions of marine animals are kept in horrendous conditions and killed every year for the sake of certain taste buds on our tongues, while almost a billion humans are undernourished and on the brink of starvation. The planet is hanging on the edge of climate chaos, and the current animal-heavy ‘Western’ diet is destroying our health. Viva! works to change all of that by promoting veganism as a state of kind, for our planet, for animals, and our health. I cannot think of a better use of my time than helping to promote this change.


I went vegan because…

I grew up on an omnivorous diet. I had always thought that animals must be kept in nice conditions – the sort of farms you read about in comics and watch on cartoons as a kid – because the law surely would not allow for any sort of cruel conditions to be imposed on animals. When I found out the truth about factory farms and slaughterhouses, as well as the environmental destruction caused by animal industries, I went vegan at 15. I’ve never felt healthier, and never missed eating any kind of animal product after seeing where it all comes from.


My favourite veg

Difficult question… Sweet potatoes come to mind. But if I could only eat potatoes or sweet potatoes, I think I’d have to go with potatoes… But then kale is really nice, as is spinach… Hmmm. If I were stuck on a desert island (a prospect all vegans have to contemplate…) then I’d go with the potato. I could mash them, boil them, steam them, roast them, chip-ify them… They’re pretty versatile. But it is a very tough question.