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Bloody Cameron Wants to Bring Back Hunting

As if he doesn’t have enough blood on his hands in Afghanistan, David Cameron wants to repeal the fox hunting ban and spill more blood – this time across England and Wales. And it’s all because he’s a ‘country boy’, weaned on hunting, shooting and fishing.

A ban on hunting with dogs was introduced in these countries in 2005 and it is his intention to overturn this ban, allowing foxes, deer and hares to be chased to death. The reasons for allowing hunting to return are about as convincing as the WMD claims, the Iraq dodgy dossier and success claims for Afghanistan. If Mr Cameron gets his way, this is what will happen to foxes.


Foxes are little wild dogs and they will be chased by packs of domesticated dogs for long periods of time. As predators, foxes have not evolved to run for their lives and many who escape will never fully recover from their ordeal. In the early season, some will be nursing vixens whose cubs, once their mother is dead, will starve to death.

The Death

Foxes will rarely be killed by a nip to the back of the neck by the leading hound as is claimed – that is not how pack animals hunt. They bite at the rump and flanks to bring their prey down and once they succeed, the end usually comes by being disemboweled or torn to pieces by a multitude of snapping, tearing jaws. Any escape avenues, such as badger setts, fox earths or holes in the ground, will be blocked the day before by hunt workers so it is literally run, run, run for your life.

Digging Out

For those who do find an underground refuge, the respite is short. Terrier men will put a fox terrier down the hole who will either drive the fox out to continue its deadly marathon, or it may be seized and beaten to death or thrown to the hounds. Those foxes who refuse to bolt, the terrier will attack below ground, sometimes holding the fox in a vice-like grip by her head or face for hour after hour until the terrier men dig the animals out. Death – always death – is the result.

Cub Hunting

In August, cub hunting begins. The date is crucial as it has to be before the young foxes leave their mother and disperse into the countryside to make their own way in life. These beautiful little creatures serve only one purpose – to instil a killer instinct into novice hounds. A small copse with a known fox earth is the usual venue. It is surrounded by a cordon of mounted hunters while others on foot lead the pack into the copse and dig out the family of foxes. As they scatter in terror, hounds are urged to attack. Any cubs that escape the copse are forced back by the cordon of riders hooting, hollering and beating on the saddles so they too can be torn to pieces.