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Pregnant Cow Massacre

Throwaway Lives

Stop the massacre of pregnant animals

Viva! revealed that 150,000 pregnant cows are sent to slaughter each year - many approaching full term. Nationwide high street protests followed, forcing the reality of animal slaughter into the public domain.

Now, we have received pictures of fully formed calves and piglets who have been cut from their heavily pregnant mothers on the slaughterline. These animals may already be capable of independent life yet they are simply dumped alongside piles of intestines. They are the forgotten victims of the meat industry. Abattoir vet Gabriele Meurer has witnessed the slaughter. She told Viva!, “Sometimes when pregnant animals are hanging on the line bleeding to death, you can see the unborn babies kicking inside their mothers’ wombs.”

Pregnant animals and their unborn babies are offered virtually no protection by the government, who state that they, ‘do not believe further legal measures are necessary to protect their welfare. Viva! disagrees. We are pushing for change by taking this horrific new evidence to the public and to the media. Please join our campaign and help us to publicise the depraved, heartless attitude that lies at the heart of modern meat production.

What can I do?

The best way to end the suffering of animals is to go vegan - or at least start in that direction. We can help you do just that

Please also consider a donation to help us continue to expose animal abuse. If you like what Viva! does and want to become part of our work why not join today?