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Prawns: the disaster of 'pink gold'


They might not be cute or cuddly, but the fate of prawns matter to them – and should matter to us.

Did you know that prawns suffer stress? So much so that they often don’t breed naturally on farms and females are forced into fertility by having one (or both) of their eye stalks cut off.

In 2013, around 3.4 million tons of prawns were intensively farmed worldwide – with that number almost matched by wild caught ones. This intensive farming has a massive detrimental effect on the environment (even making the impact of tsunamis worse in some of the world’s poorest areas), other animals caught up in the trade and the migrant workers – often victims of violence and abuse – forced to work on farms for next to nothing to feed the West's obsession with 'pink gold'.

Prawns: a cocktail of violence, suffering and environmental destruction.

What can I do?

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