Viva!'s Laura Hellwig and Sophie Delarny were keen to visit Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary to see how Mum and her six piglets were settling in after being rescued by Viva! and the Sanctuary. They found a warm welcome! See the adorable photos ...

Viva!'s Laura Hellwig visits the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary

Laura Hellwig, Viva!'s Campaigns Outreach Worker and Assistant says: “It was amazing to see how the sow and her piglets became more comfortable around us. The piglets were extremely curious. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when one of the piglets started nuzzling my hand for a treat and I got the chance to spend some quality time with him!”

Sophie visits Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary

Sophie Delarny, Viva!'s Festival and Events Manager, also met some of the other residents at the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary. She said: "Meeting the lovely rescue pig and her piglets was so heart-warming, it was amazing to see how happy they are and how well they have settled in. Knowing that I work for an organisation that has actively saved these animals makes me feel so lucky to be a part of it. This is What viva! is all about – saving lives."


Whilst this Mum and her piglets are safe, most pigs in Britain are still factory farmed and sent to slaughter. Will you Face Off the British pig industry with Viva!?

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