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Wild Boar

"What perplexes and angers me is the reason why the boar are being killed because I fear that it is a cruel mixture of intolerance and abject ignorance fuelled by some of the most idiotic scaremongering I've ever encountered . Why can't residents find a passive solution to the boars presence? They do in France where I live, there these animals are an accepted and valued part of the community. Why when we perceive that wildlife has become a nuisance do we always reach for the gun rather than work towards a creative compromise? And why don't journalists actually research their subject or consult experts rather than print ludicrously misleading horror stories? 

This 'cull' is a blight upon the reputation of the residents and managers of this beautiful part of the U.K. It's embarrassing in a place that calls itself a lover of animals and damages our reputation as conservationists. The monsters in your midst are not the boar , they are all human." Chris Packham, Wildlife TV presenter

Each year wild boar are being hunted and shot. Boars are actually for the most part gentle and inquisitive. Please help us end the 'Boar War'.

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