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In certain areas of Britain, 'culls' of grey squirrels have been announced - that will be funded by taxpayer's money! Whilst this slaughter may not happen across the whole of the country (it is a misplaced and wrongheaded attempt to protect existing red squirrel populations and to 'improve' forested areas), it will cause untold suffering. Whilst, as a 'wildlife management' issue, we are not directly campaigning on this (as important as it is, to remain effective we need to limit our efforts to campaigning to highlight issues around animals killed for food). However, you can read more here and please sign these independent petitions.

URGENT: Sign the 38 Degrees to stop the UK and EU grey squirrel 'cull' (non-Viva! petition)

Native to North America, the grey squirrel was brought to Victorian Britain as an ornamental species by the aristocracy. today, these highly intelligent and adaptable animals can be seen in woodlands, parks and gardens across the country.

While many people have great affection and respect for grey squirrels, they are hated by members of certain groups, most notably those with shooting or forestry interests, and some 'conservationists' who believe that the mass killing of greys is justifiable in their quest to boost the number of red squirrels. What is even worse is that the European Union is introducing a new law obliging the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy to organise the killing of hundreds of thousands of grey squirrels (in certain areas). Some are now trying commercialise squirrel meat.

What can I do?

Don't eat squirrel meat! Unbelievably, some places are trying to create a market for it.

Also, the best way to end the suffering of all animals is to go vegan - or at least start in that direction. We can help you do just that. Please also share this page with your friends and family so that they know how animals suffer and how they can help end that suffering. 

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