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Please support this new petition to protect crabs and lobsters under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. 


In restaurants and shops across the UK a growing number of live animals are waiting to die. In tanks or the cooler section, live lobsters and crabs are on sale to whoever wants to buy them. We know because we’ve filmed it.Viva! have joined forces with Animal Aid to get it stopped ...

Often, once sold lobsters and crabs are boiled alive or hacked apart with knives whilst fully conscious. It is a horrific way to die and could be excruciatingly painful. We wouldn’t standby if other animals were sold live and killed this way, so why is it deemed acceptable to subject crustaceans to this horror?

Shockingly, despite having the ability to suffer, there are currently no laws to govern how sea life is killed in the UK. That’s how little Government and retailers care.

However, we care – and we know you do too. All animals killed for meat suffer, but selling live animals can promote even greater suffering.

The best way you can end the suffering of animals is to stop eating them. Please also help us campaign for lobsters, crabs and all sea life by getting involved in our campaigns.

For more information on these issues check out The Shellfish Network.