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Crocodiles are killed in the wild although taking animals from the wild for captive breeding is more common - much of it in Australia or elsewhere in Asia. The shock and trauma of capture is substantial and that is before they are confined in an unnatural habitat for the rest of their lives. 

Crocodile Tears

Viva! has long campaigned against the sale of so called “exotic meats”. 75 per cent of the world’s animals are facing extinction or are in decline, we should be protecting them, not serving them for dinner. Exotic meat doesn’t sound quite so appetizing if you rename it ‘dead wildlife’.

Crocodiles are now factory farmed in the most horrific of ways

In the wild, crocodiles live in dark mangrove swamps but now they are subjected to the horrors of the intensive farming system. Crammed into tiny, filthy pens, they are barely able to move, let alone hide. They are killed at three years of age in a number of extremely disturbing ways, for example, having a chisel driven into the base of the skull and a rod poked in to probe and destroy the brain.

The list of animals we are slaughtering for supper is getting longer and longer. What next? Tiger chops, dolphin steaks and koala burgers? Please remember, wildlife belongs in the wild, not on a dinner plate.

Of course, eating any animal causes suffering – the best way of stopping cruelty is to go vegan (or at least take steps in that direction)