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Tell Lidl to drop ostrich meat!

"Dear Lidl

I was extremely concerned to see that you are now selling ostrich meat.

In its investigations Viva! has uncovered that these farmed birds succumb more often to disease and have a much higher death rate compared to domesticated farm animals. Ostriches are wild animals and their natural home is the plains of Africa. They live in strong social groups where chick rearing is an essential part of their bonding.  In captivity, the eggs are removed after laying and the chicks are reared in sheds with up to 40% mortality.  They are killed at a year old when their natural lifespan is up to 75.  Chicks may suffer from "desertion stress" because they are not reared by their natural parents and if continued this triggers stomach ulcers and the chick will starve to death.

However, the single most common problem seen on all ostrich chick farms are feet and leg troubles - often due to poor nutrition and bad management. Farmed ostriches show many abnormal behaviours such as feather pecking (caused by boredom and stress) and stargazing (where a bird will lift his or her head up and back so that it has difficulty walking or eating and is caused directly by confinement).  The slaughter of these birds also causes great suffering.

Please drop ostrich meat. Wild animals belong in the wild, not on people’s dinner plates.

Yours faithfully"

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