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Morrisons: dump caged piglet supplier now!

Despite now being fully aware of Viva!'s investigation into caged piglets at one of their suppliers, Morrisons and Red Tractor have merely asked for changes at the farm and have said they will continue using them. Neither has answered the question: why, if your standards are so strict, did you allow this to happen in the first place? Tell them a 'slapped wrist' is simply not good enough.


Below is a suggested email, but even better please personalise it.

"Dear Mr Potts

I was horrified by the scenes of piglets crammed into cages at a supplier of yours and ask that you dump them immediately.

Piglets in barren wire ‘battery cages’ stacked three deep. The only so-called ‘environmental enrichment’ was a metal chain hanging in a metal cage. Piglets are playful, intelligent and curious. Battery cages were banned for hens in the UK in 2012 (although so called enriched cages are hardly better). What’s the difference?

The cages were seemingly so insecure that some piglets had fallen onto the concrete floor. Piglets were seen on the floor on both visits.

I was shocked to hear that these piglet cages are probably not illegal. However, I am also shocked that Morrisons and Red Tractor sanctioned this farm and are pledging to continue using it. Were you aware of the cages? If not why did your inspections not raise alarms?

Simply asking Poplar Farm to change its accommodation for piglets is not good enough. Please dump them as a supplier.

Yours faithfully

[Your name and address]"


Thank you for contacting Morrisons. However, if this investigation upsets you can do something else about it now. The best way to free pigs – and all farmed animals – from suffering is to simply stop eating animal products. The best way to do that is to go vegan.

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