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Horse meat scandal

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Live Horse Exports

It’s all a matter of labelling, says the Government. Is that why people are upset – that horse meat has been found in beef products? That they weren’t told? After all, it’s just another animal whose flesh tastes pretty much like cow meat. But if it’s not that, then what?

It can’t be the way horses are treated before they’re minced up because no one has even mentioned that, apart from Viva!. We’ve recorded scenes of cruelty in Polish horse markets as animals are bought and loaded for road transport to Italy. We have filmed these horses during their days-long journey without food, water or rest and the appalling state in which they arrive – if they arrive. And, proudly, thanks to us, 70,000 fewer horses face that agonising journey.

This has all been ignored because it’s not much different to the way other livestock are transported. But ‘food’ animals are used to be being ignored, which is why the obscenity of factory farming and slaughter are allowed to continue. So powerful is the industry that you are entirely at their mercy, as you have just discovered.

Why Not Cats and Dogs

Could it be that people are repulsed by eating horse meat because so many have got to know and love horses, appreciate their intelligence and loyalty? Is it for those same reasons that we don’t eat cats and dogs? Perhaps as a nation we already are. There are fears that cat and dog meat has already entered Britain through processed meat products (see our major exposé in the Daily Mail).

One thing is certain, we are encouraged to have different attitudes to different animals. We’re encouraged to care about our pets and wildlife.

Farmed animals, on the other hand, are treated with indifference and cruelty, often confined for life and killed without a second thought. Why, when they are no less intelligent than cats and dogs and horses, and are just as capable of responding to our love and affection? It is our arbitrary choices that confer life or death!

You are healthier without meat, the environment is safer and animals are saved from profound suffering. Show the disreputable meat industry what you think – make a moral choice and vote for compassion by going veggie – or even better vegan.

We will even send you a free pack to help you on your way.

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Title: The dinner.
Director: Tomaso Cariboni
Creative: Luca Corteggiano
Photography: Beniamino Barrese
Camera Assistant: Vins Blake
Sound: Sam Saluci
make up: Nefise Osman

Rebecca Tromans
David William Bryan
Lynn Rodgers
Igor Belache
Cat Nickless