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Pledge to go veg

Find out more about Viva!’s Veggie Month and how to get involved at or phone us on 0117 944 1000.
Viva! needs caring people like you all year round, too! To find out how you can make a difference for animals and the planet – no matter how much or how little spare time you have – visit or ring us for a ‘Get Active’ sheet.

Pledge to Go Veg with Fruity Fundays!

Cut Britain’s annual carbon ‘hoof’ print; save animals and improve your health! Go veggie now with Viva! – make your pledge here.

In Taiwan, one million people – including politicians – have pledged to go veggie for the planet. What a wonderful idea! Viva!’s whole reason for existing is to help people go veggie as we know that’s the best way to end the suffering of animals, protect our future and the planet, improve our health and help stop starvation in developing countries.