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Online cruelty

It is an amazing victory for Viva! and all our supporters - and everyone who has helped with the campaign. After sustained pressure, Amazon are now no longer selling foie-gras and have banned it from being sold on their UK website!  Check out this great bit of national coverage in the Daily Mail. Read our media release.

Foie-gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so much food that their livers expand by up to ten times its natural size. Amazon did not allow the sale of whale or dolphin meat, so we questioned why they allowed third-party sellers to offer foie-gras? Especially, as its production would be illegal in Britain because of animal cruelty.

This a major victory for the animals. Thank you for making it possible! However, this is only the start. Please support our campaign for a foie-gras free Britain by donating today. You can also find lots of ways to active for these terribly abused birds.

We shamed Amazon into dumping foie-gras with images such as these


Cage upon cage. What life is this?


 Force-fed for a 'delicacy' no one needs


Pinned to the floor to make the abuse easier to administer


 Please don't fail him. Support Viva!'s campaigns for a foie-gras free Britain


Photos: Stop Gavage/L214

Shockingly, one of the world’s largest online retailers used to sell a product in Britain that no British supermarket will touch. That company was Amazon.

Foie-gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so much food that their livers expand by up to ten times its natural size. It is no wonder that foie-gras has been dubbed ‘torture in a tin’.

The terror of the cages

Viva! is working in association with French group Stop Gavage/L214 to expose the true face of foie-gras production in France – where the vast majority is still produced.

A recent investigation at a farm belonging to a producer (Labeyrie), whose products were on sale at Amazon, showed distressing scenes of ducks being force-fed huge amounts of grain with pneumatic pumps.

These birds are in group cages – which are theoretically a welfare improvement over individual cages used by most foie-gras producers for ducks in France. However, to incapacitate them and prevent them from avoiding being force-fed, an automatic bar pins the ducks to the floor of the cage. There is no escape.

Ducks can bruise easily, and it is feared that this new system will only compound the abject suffering and terror of France’s 38-40 million birds force-fed annually. What ethical retailer would support this by taking a cut of the profits?

No excuses

Because Amazon were allowing a platform for foie-gras to be sold on their UK website it seemed that they were condoning this cruelty. As a major retailer they had the power to take an ethical stand and prevent suffering. We congratulate them for doing just that.

What else can I do?

DONATE. We can only be effective in the fight to make Britain foie-gras free with your help. Whatever you can donate will help

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