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Ebay, don't auction off cruelty!

Shockingly, one of the world’s largest online auction sites is selling a product in Britain that no British supermarket will touch. 

Together we got Amazon to dump foie-gras. Tell eBay to dump foie-gras today!

Read the national press coverage in the Daily Mirror. Read our media release and the message of support from actress and Viva! patron Jenny Seagrove.

Foie-gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so much food that their livers expand by up to ten times its natural size. It is no wonder that foie-gras has been dubbed ‘torture in a tin’.

eBay limit the sale of some products in the UK, but are currently allowing the sale of something that would be illegal to produce in Britain because of animal cruelty.

After we made our concerns clear to Amazon – the world’s largest online retailer– they took foie-gras off sale in the UK. That only happened because thousands of people signed the Viva! petition and contacted them. In other words, petitions do work! We won with Amazon and now it is time to persuade eBay to also make an ethical decision.

Add you name to the petition to call on eBay to stop auctions of foie-gras on eBay.co.uk today! Please ask everyone you know to sign this important petition.

The terror of the cages

Viva! is working in association with French group Stop Gavage/L214 to expose the true face of foie-gras production in France – where the vast majority is still produced.

Together we have investigated the French foie-gras industry and filmed distressing scenes of ducks being force-fed huge amounts of grain with pneumatic pumps. We filmed ducks with bloody injuries, some with swollen eyes and those seemingly crippled under the weight of their grossly enlarged livers.

Many ducks are still individually caged, but some are now being kept in group cages. Theoretically a welfare improvement, we have filmed dying ducks trampled underfoot by their cage mates. To incapacitate the birds and prevent them from avoiding being force-fed, an automatic bar pins them to the floor of the cage. There is no escape.

Ducks can bruise easily, and it is feared that this new system will only compound the abject suffering and terror of France’s 38-40 million birds force-fed annually. What ethical retailer would support this?

No excuses

As eBay allow a platform for foie-gras to be sold on their UK auction site are they condoning this cruelty? As a major retailer they have the power to take an ethical stand and prevent suffering – just like Amazon.

Sign the petition! Tell eBay to dump foie-gras!

What else can I do?

DONATE. We can only be effective in the fight to make Britain foie-gras free with your help. Whatever you can donate will help

Get active for the foie-gras birds with Viva!