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Ban the shooting of seals by fish farmers!

Ban the shooting of seals by fish farmers!

As many as 5,000 seals are shot in Scotland every year. The reason? Because of consumer's desire for cheap fish - specifically salmon. Around 1 million meals containing salmon are eaten in Britain each year, and it is this artificial trade in intensively farmed fish which is driving the bloodshed. Seals are killed when they pose a threat to the profits of fisheries by eating eat fish destined for supermarkets. Yet another example of wild animals suffering because of the greed of the livestock industry.

In the past, Viva! has supported calls by The Seal Protection Action Group to ban this practice. Recently, Viva! celebrity supporter Chrissie Hynde added her backing in The Sunday Times. She said: "The livestock industry seems to have immunity to decimate our rich, natural wildlife - not to mention causing untold suffering through intensive farming methods. Now seals are, quite literally, in the firing line to protect the Scottish salmon industry. Here's a novel idea: why don't we put Britain's wildlife in front of profits for once?"

Please add your voice to help end the wholesale slaughter of Scottish seals by using our pre-prepared email to Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland:


"Dear First Minister,

I am writing to you to urge you to ban the shooting of seals by fish farmers in Scotland.

I was shocked to discover that hundreds of seals are killed every year in Scottish waters; even more so that the figure could be as high as 5,000. It is outrageous that indigenous animals are being sacrificed to protect wholly unnatural fishing practices.

Common seal numbers have dramatically declined by a third in Britain over the past seven years. Whilst ecological changes and a shortage of wild fish generally are partly behind this drop, the shooting of seals by fish farmers is also likely another major contributor. Not only are seals being hammered by unsustainable fishing policies, they are now victims of lethal protectionism by the industry.

Most people were horrified by the killing of seals for their fur in Canada - so much so that a ban on importing seal products has been rightly implemented across the EU. It is therefore sadly ironic that so many seals are also losing their lives in British waters.

Please take immediate steps towards banning this cruel and bloody practice now.

Yours faithfully"