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Exotic Meat

Urgent Action:

On the run-up to Christmas, supermarket chain Lidl, Fortnum & Mason and Harvery Nichols are shockingly selling reindeer meat in many of their stores across the UK. Please help us stop them.

Click here to find out how you can help.

'Exotic meats'

Viva! campaigns against the sale of 'exotic meats' and also the factory farming of animals such as ostrich, emu and crocodile. Our campaign has led to all the major supermarkets withdrawing kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile meats from sale - a major blow to this new animal abuse industry.

Sadly, meat from these wild animals is still on sale in small chains of pubs and in some restaurants and shops. Please let Viva! know of any outlet selling 'exotic' meat, so we can contact them.

Read our reports, educate yourself and help us expose the cruelty and suffering behind these 'exotic meats'.

Urgent Action!: The UK has just opened its first crocodile farm - yet another animal forced from its natural habit into the horrors of the factory farm. However, the trade is still new enough for us to do something about it. Click here to find out what you can do to help.