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The Young ones

Young eco activists show us all how to eat green and save animals.

Out of the mouths of… Viva!’s young supporters show more awareness than our politicians

Viva! supporters and eco green teens prove that young people aren’t as passive and uninvolved as the media often portrays them to be. In fact, there are loads of young people across the country who are eating an environmental, compassionate and healthy diet to save the planet! We caught up with a few of them to talk about veganism.

Rhys (12) from Runcorn tell us: “I first became aware of the environmental benefits of my diet when I received a copy of Viva!’s HOT! leaflet. I was really shocked that
livestock farming was having such a negative impact on the planet!
“I was already aware that driving cars, leaving lights on and not recycling were bad for the environment but I’d never been told that eating meat was destroying the planet. I think it’s important more people know about this so they can massively cut their carbon footprint by not eating meat!”

Rosie (17) from Burnley adds: “Lots of people think that being vegan will be too hard, but it’s not, it’s easy! I first became vegan a year ago when I found out how badly dairy cows are treated. I’d always been into animal rights and so that was my main reason for adopting a vegan lifestyle. Since then I keep discovering more and more proof that I’ve made the right choice!
My diet is healthier, more compassionate and better for the environment than ever before. I feel full of energy, love the delicious food, I’m helping to save the planet and I’m not responsible for any animal suffering.”

Josilee (15) from Leyland says: “I am worried about the future of the planet.
Instead of taking steps towards a more environmental lifestyle, many people are simply waiting for that miracle cure. The planet is dying and unless we act soon it’s going to be too late!
“People need to stop waiting for someone else to sort it out, and start changing their own behaviour! Going veggie will greatly reduce the damage you are causing to the environment. My top tip to anyone concerned about the environment would be stop eating meat!”
Rebecca (15) from London says: “The media is constantly pointing out the severity of global warming but never mention diet. I became vegetarian at the age of 6 but at 14 I realised I was a hypocritical, dairy-eating environmentalist and so I became vegan! Get involved with Viva! and help to raise awareness of the
environmental reasons for going vegan.”

If you’re under 18 and would like more information about going vegan, please email and ask for a free info pack. If you’re already vegan and would like to get more active in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation, please visit

There are loads of things you can do to raise awareness of how a vegan diet is central to saving the Earth – info displays at your college, presentations at school, leafleting and holding a stall.

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