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Free Jake the Drake

Jake looks sad, doesn’t he? It’s no wonder. Like most of the 19 million ducklings raised for meat each year in the UK, Jake has spent his short life imprisoned in a filthy, windowless shed with up to 10,000 others. This is his story.

Watch Jake's story ...

“I’m nearly seven weeks old, but don’t let me size fool you – I’m just a duckling. My home – the only place I have ever known – is a massive, crowded shed.

I used to have friends in here when we were smaller and there was a bit of space. Now we’re bigger it’s a struggle to even move and survival is everything. We fight for every drop of water from the nipple drinkers – the only water there is.

I know what I look like because I can see the state of those around me – filthy, matted feathers and caked eyes. I see some struggling to find food troughs. They’ve gone blind! I can’t see too well myself any longer.

At least I can still walk, unlike many in here. They have no option but to sit, even though ammonia on the floor burns their skin. I watch them dragging themselves through the burning muck on their wings to feed.

I don’t know what we’ve done to deserve this, but I hope someday soon they set us free.”

Viva!’s filming of all the major duck producers has had national newspaper and TV coverage. Duck sales have dropped by two million.

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