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Wendy Turner-Webster

Wendy became vegetarian in her teens and through her influence most of her family followed. Long term presenter of the TV show Pet Rescue, she is scathing about the people she interview who claim to be animal lovers while munching on a ham sandwich from a factory farmed pig. “I can’t imagine ever eating a piece of meat again!”  She became vegan a few years ago and has decided to bring up both her children – Jack and Freddy – as vegans.

" I hate it when they put that little claim on milk that it’s completely ‘natural’ Yes, it’s natural for the cow but not for humans. I’m adamant that cow’s milk is for cows, goat’s milk is for goat’s and human milk is for humans. "

" After breastfeeding Jack for three months he went on to soya formula and has thrived on it ever since! I must say that I could not bear the thought of putting dead flesh into my baby’s mouth. Jack has a colourful and varied diet combining vegetarian foods with my dairy-free alternatives to margarine, ice-cream, yoghurt, cream cheese etc. I have heard many times of the parents who are reluctant to tell their kids where burgers and bacon sandwiches come from. When Jack is old enough to understand I will have no hesitation in telling him the truth: the only way surely that anyone can then be expected to make an informed decision. My pet hate is the way we are brainwashed from a young age to love some animals and eat others! "

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