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Jenny Seagrove

Jenny Seagrove


We fell in love with her as Emma Harte in the 1983 TV drama A Woman of Substance and the affair continued all the way to Jo Mills in Judge John Deed – she’s a national treasure.

One of Jenny’s first screen appearances was in the film Local Hero before she shot to fame in A Woman of Substance, which still rates as Channel 4’s greatest drama success, pulling in 13.8 million viewers. This was followed by other starring TV roles, and then she disappeared from the small screen for 15 years to concentrate on films and theatre.

Vegetarianism is extremely important to Jenny. “It is a part of my life, central to my beliefs because I am passionate about animal rights. I’ve been fighting for them in one way or another most of my life. I’m not a violent person and don’t believe in using violence but when you see the torture and pain to which so many animals are subjected I can fully understand why people do break down doors or smash cages to free them.”

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It’s so obvious that animals have feelings and experience much the same emotions as we do – joy and happiness, fear and grief. You can see an animal working things out in its mind. It may not be exactly the same as our mind but it is equally complex. Anyone who has a dog knows this is true – that’s why I can’t and won’t eat meat. I am convinced that if the entire population had to watch the undercover videos that Viva! films, half of them would immediately go veggie.
Jenny Seagrove


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