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Celebrity quotes

Celebrities speak out against the badger 'cull'.

"The culling of badgers is absolutely obscene. The largest ever study found that it would make things things worse not better, yet they still push ahead towards the meaningless destruction of our wildlife. Please help Viva! stop this madness by ending the cull and helping people give up the very things that are at the root of it: meat and dairy."

TV wildlife presenter and Viva! patron Wendy Turner-Webster

"The Farming community must now logically look to improvements in their own methods to control TB in Cattle. We can only hope that this leads to long-term improvements in the way farm animals are treated; it is long overdue.

"Just for the sake of making more money out of what some of us eat (not me) ... these people wanted to exterminate a whole population of innocent wild animals who have as much right to live in this land as we humans do."

Brian May from Queen

"Now farmers will realise the strength of the science and will recognise that culling has no part to play. They should now objectively, alongside government, consider the cattle control elements that we all know are absolutely essential as outlined in our report."

Professor John Bourne, chairman of the Independent Scientific Group

"Culling badgers is historically known to be totally ineffective in stopping bovine TB. Northern Ireland has proved that the most effective procedures are strict cattle controls and no culling. We should all follow their lead- It works!"

Jenny Seagrove

"We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB".

Joanna Lumley

"How can we condemn a protected species to death when the reasons for doing so have been discredited by valid scientific evidence? Badger culling is utterly barbaric and pointless. Please support Viva! in their fight to stop this needless massacre of our precious wildlife."


"Deep down anyone with common sense knows that killing animals is wrong, but what makes the idea of culling badgers even more sinister is that it's being done in order to cover up bad farming practices and lazy testing methods. I don't want to stand by knowing that these great creatures are suffering and being killed, but I also don't want to see a time in the future when we look back and wonder how we let another group of our animals disappeared from our country.

I say no to this or any other badger cull and I urge all caring people to do the same. Get rid of ignorance, not badgers."

Benjamin Zephaniah

"I totally support Viva! in their campaign to stop the badger cull which is both obscene and unnecessary since top scientists say it will only make the spread of TB in cattle worse."

“It is tragic that Britain’s badgers are being made scapegoats for the dairy industry. It makes my heart sink. I wish Viva! every success in stopping this ill-advised, dreadful and immoral cull.”

Rose Elliot