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North Wales Rally for Badgers!

On Saturday, 26 July 2008, up to a hundred animal lovers marched through Colwyn Bay to call for the proposed badger 'cull' in Wales to be scrapped.

North Wales Rally for Badgers!

(c) Terry Williams

  Up to a hundred people crowded the beach front promenade to say "No!" to badger 'culling' in Wales

Organised by Viva! contact Judi Hewitt for North Wales Animal Rights, the peaceful event was a huge success. Displaying posters and  badger masks provided by Viva!, the protest begun outside the Welsh Assembly offices and then marched to the promenade for a rally, song (by Judi) and speeches.

Judi says, "While we were there, we had hundreds of people beeping their horns in support. It was incredible!!!!! Not one nasty remark, not one two finger insult! Brilliant!".

The event attracted media across North Wales, and the support of Queen's Brian May.

Special thanks goes to Judi for organising the event so well, and raising the profile of the campaign - and, in turn, mounting pressure on Elin Jones to call of the 'cull'.

At the rally, Judi read out the following message from Viva!:

"The proposed 'cull' of badgers in Wales is a disgrace. It is designed to pull a veil over the failings of farmers and Government. The finger of blame for this epidemic of bovine TB points directly at them. They have allowed lax cattle movement control and insufficient testing let us get to the position we are now in. It doesn't matter which way they cut it, badgers are not to blame for the spread of bovine TB.

We have science on our side. We have common sense on our side. And now we have the English Government on our side. Elin Jones and her cronies are looking increasingly isolated. Gatherings like this today and the Rally Viva! held outside the Assembly buildings in Cardiff send a very clear message that they will not get away with massacring our wildlife for folly.

Viva! has written to every AM in Wales urging them to put pressure on Elin Jones to change, and we have contacted every newspaper and media outlet in Wales. We are also planning a Welsh specific badger leaflet and a Day of Action across the whole of Wales in September. Details will soon be available on the Viva! website.

This is a battle we will win - we must win."