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Viva!’s Awards for Veggie Innovation

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Europe's largest vegetarian and vegan group, Viva!, is delighted to announce Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps, Vegetarian Shoes and the Redwood Wholefood Company as the recipients of their Awards for Excellence and Innovation. The Awards are a special, one-off event and part of Viva!'s celebrations of its 10th anniversary on 26 October 2004.

Tim Woodley, co-founder of the Willenhall, West Midlands based company Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps accepted the award for ‘Best New Vegan Product’. Robin Webb, founder of the Brighton based Vegetarian Shoes accepted the award for ‘Best Vegan Shoes & Clothing’. And, Keith Stott, managing director of the Corby, Northants based Redwood Wholefood Company accepted the award 'Best Vegan Food Product'.

The awards were presented by Viva! patron, actress Jenny Seagrove (Woman of Substance, Judge John Deed), at the organisation's 10th Anniversary Dinner on the SS Great Britain, in Bristol last Saturday.

Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps was founded in June 2002 by Tim & Elaine Woodley. Since then they have stood by their two basic principles: no testing on animals and no use of animal derived ingredients. All of the soaps that Red Star produce hold both trademarks of the BUAV (British Union Against Vivisection) and The Vegan Society.

Vegetarian Shoes has been making cruelty-free clothing since 1990 – and still operates from its original shop in Gardner Street, Brighton. Made from a synthetic microfibre – which looks and feels like supple leather, but is 'breathable', unlike other plastics - Vegetarian Shoes produces a whole array of stylish shoes and accessories, such as belts, coats, wallets and more.

Redwood Wholefood Company’s products include a wide variety of Cheatin' meats that are particularly popular with people who enjoy the flavour and texture of meat, but who no longer want to eat it. They also make a delicious non-dairy cheese replacement.

Viva! is a campaigning group that exposes animal cruelty with high-profile, nationwide campaigns, often based on undercover work and secret filming. Viva! also produces a wide range of materials to help people change to a vegetarian diet. Their work has won many tributes, including the Daily Mirror ‘Pride of Britain Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare’.

"Viva! is delighted to acknowledge the contribution these fine businesses have made to making a cruelty-free lifestyle a fun, tasty and stylish choice for millions of people throughout Britain.” said Juliet Gellatley, Viva!’s international director.

For further information or for a photo of Jenny Seagrove presenting the awards, contact:

Justin Kerswell or Juliet Gellatley on 0117 944 1000

Or contact:

Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps on 01922 712 691.

Vegetarian Shoes on 01273 691 913.

The Redwood Wholefood Company on 01536 400 557.


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