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Guy Harper goes Voiceless for Viva! and smashes his £1000 goal!

Voiceless for Viva! February 2017


Guy Harper, who is voiceless for the whole of February, has smashed his £1000 target only NINE days into his silent month.

Thank you to all of you who have sponsored Guy's extraordinary silent challenge and made his ambition a reality. We couldn't have done it without you.

Let's go on to show the world just how much we support Guy - and his vegan message.

We have a further goal of £2000.


Graphic showing goal of £1000 met and further goal of £2000.

You can help us reach our new £2000 stretch goal.

Support Guy's amazing silent February!


Imagine a life in which you cannot speak.

Guy Harper is taking on a powerful challenge. To raise awareness of the plight of farmed animals, who do not have a voice to protest their treatment, he is pledging to spend the month of February 2017 in silence for Viva!.

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UPDATE - The Final Days!

Guy's extraordinary challenge is almost complete - on 28th February 2017, he will have been voiceless for one whole month! Guy's amazing feat has caught the attention of the media, vegan campaigner James Aspey and, of course, Viva!. His dedication is an inspiration to us all and has had a strong impact on his friends and acquaintances - many of whom have now changed their eating habits for the better. He has also raised well over £1000 for Viva!'s campaigns! He's a true Team Viva! Hero.

Read Guy's interview with keen cricketer Harry Allen - who is now well on the way towards a kinder, vegan diet as a result of Guy going Voiceless for Viva!!


We caught up with Guy at the Cardiff Viva! Vegan Festival on 4th Feb. Watch our interview with him below.


UPDATE! - Media Coverage!

Guy's amazing silent month has caught the attention of UK and international media.

Read his article on TheTab, here.

Read his article on The Huffington Post, here.

The amazing James Aspey, who was Guy's inspiration for his silent month, posted Guy to his Facebook page.

Thank you to Guy for doing such an inspiring challenge. You're a real Team Viva! Hero.

Last year, in the UK, more than one billion land animals were slaughtered. That's 1,072,960,740 individual lives ended. None of those animals had a choice in their inhumane treatment and ultimate death.

Guy's campaign highlights the importance of having a voice with which to stand up for our rights. His voiceless February is a reminder that it is easy to lose power when no one speaks your language. It's easy for people to pretend not to hear what they cannot understand as speech.

Since starting his vegan journey, Guy has helped many of his friends to see the value of not eating animals. He has written about that journey on his Facebook page and he wants to bring the message of compassion to more people through his month of being Voiceless for Viva!.

Guy says:

When it comes down to it, most people have a very similar set of core values. Veganism is about living out these core values and being true to what you believe. One doesn’t have to love animals to be a vegan, they can just be against harming other beings without a just reason.

Guy holding a friend's dog in his arms and smiling

Guy has chosen to live out his own personal ethics by going vegan and for doing all he can to get the message out. His determination to go silent for Viva! will touch thousands of people. We want to support Guy and help him to reach his goal of £1000.

Show your support. Help us to change the world.


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