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Viva!'s shorts

Viva!'s shorts

In the news...

  • GISELLE SANCARI. an Argentinian living in Mexico City, has launched TODO VEGANO, an online directory for vegan ventures in Latin America and an educational YT channel in Spanish.
  • Just launched – international house sit and house swap website for vegans and vegetarians: KINDRED SPIRITS HOUSE SIT OR SWAP – n Viva! supporter GEOFF KNIGHT is campaigning against the extremely cruel animal sacrifices carried out at Lomisoba in Georgia. To find out more or to help, go to
  • Well done Viva! supporter HEIDI STEPHENSON for her excellent poem, Don’t Eat Meat, published in the International Times and in which she kindly mentions Viva!

I ate here

Our hugely popular and colourfullittle cards – a thank you to restaurants that serve good vegan food and an encouragement for them to continue to do so – can be ordered online from The only charge made is for p&p – 50 cards will cost you 65p, 100 cards 91p.

Too good to be true

Last year, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Health & Human Services revised its dietary guidelines and the draft recommended a diet largely based on fruits, vegetables and legumes (reported in Viva!life). For the first time ever, meat was excluded from the recommended category. To say that a furore ensured would be an understatement. When the final recommendations appeared, meat was back on the agenda. Dr. Walter Willett, head of the Harvard School of Public Health issued a damning statement: “Unfortunately, the USDA has censored the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Committee to consume less red meat. In fact, the dietary guidelines promote consumption of red meat as long as it is lean, which is not what the science supports. There is strong evidence that red meat consumption increases risk of diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, and some cancers (especially processed meat), and there is not good evidence that this is simply due to the fat content,” Willett added. “This appears to reflect the powerful influences of the beef industry. Unfortunately, the public is being misled.

Obituary Mary Brynak

(March 13, 1924 – November 14, 2015)
Our good friend Mary was an individualist, a passionate veganic gardener, a staunch vegan and a stalwart member of Isle of Wight Vegetarians & Vegans. As Mary O’Brien (her maiden name), with her mother and two brothers, she helped to create Glen Park Nurseries in Leicester.
When Donald Watson founded the Vegan Society in 1944 and produced its first newsletter, the membership was 25, of which she was one. Today veganism is blossoming and you helped to bring that about, Mary.
Thank you on behalf of all living creatures. It has been an honour to know you – we will miss you greatly.
Mike Wright

Merry Christmas!

Viva!’s annual Christmas lunch was again a jolly get together of dining, drinking and fund raising. Philip McCulloch-Downs talks about his painting ‘One in a Million’ prior to its auction. Phil’s painting wasbought for £530 by Andreas Setzer, who runs Animal Activism Art, a Stuttgart-based collection promoting veganism. Artist Ann Richmond kindly donated her stunning painting ‘Rainbow Badgers’ which raised £480. See Phil’s work at:


Tracy Cassidy set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page and shared it on the Manchester Vegan FB pages to promote veganism. It resulted in this super billboard on Great Ancoats street in Manchester for two weeks from February 1. Brilliant!

Veggie France

The huge French hypermarket chain, Carrefour, has announced the launch of its first-ever, all-vegetarian own-label range – prompted by growing consumer demand, it says.
The ‘Carrefour Veggie’ range features around 15 what they term ‘simple and easy-to-cook’ products, 11 of which are vegan. They include wheat and onion nuggets, cereal and vegetable pancakes and vegetable and soya balls, all priced between €2.10 and €3.50.

The idea sprang from consumer research it undertook in 2013 to mark its 50th anniversary.

And on the seventh day…

Seventh Day Adventists are a Mecca for health researchers as most are vegetarian and avoid smoking and alcohol and believe in exercise.

In the case of 101-year-old retired Californian heart surgeon, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, it all worked splendidly. He retired only five years ago and describes his vegan diet as being ‘the fountain of youth’.

He walks without a stick, says his balance is great, is sharp-witted and still drives. Pass the tofu!

Poor old Bernard...

According to figures from Company House, turkey producer Bernard Matthews is having a few difficulties.

Group sales up to June 28, 2015, were down by about £30 million, to some £276 million for the corresponding period of the previous year. Its net assets for the same period were almost halved to a little over £11 million.

I do hope we have contributed to the slump.

Cardiff’s 1st vegan café

The city’s first 100 per cent vegan restaurant has opened for business. Called Anna-Loka it is in Albany Road and was the baby of Hare Krishna monk, Adam El Tagoury.

Its menu, however, is more prosaic than the name might suggest and you can indulge in a full English breakfast or even pork sliders – whatever they are – as well as vegan alternatives to classic dishes. You can also indulge in traditional freefrom breads, custom-made pizzas, pancakes, doughnuts and smoky, crispy vegan rashers. Also on the menu is cinnamon pad pie, scrambled tofu on toast and sweet potato hash browns.

The café has a very modern edge and industrial feel with carvings and sculptures on the walls and a corrugated iron ceiling, in which is housed its 20 tables. It was got off the ground by a crowd-funding campaign which raised £6,000.

Give up meat, says Arnie

Having delivered such scathing lines as “you hit like a vegetarian”, mister muscle man, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has changed his mind.

Having probably devoured several herds of bullocks, he is now telling people that they should slash their meat consumption. Cries of ‘hypocrite’ resound from the rafters but change is to be welcomed. Few of us started off life in the perfect way.

Speaking at the climate change talks in Paris, he stated that seven million people are dying every year because of climate change and a good way to reduce the total was to cut our meat consumption.

Of course he was asked if he would possibly have been as muscly as he is as a vegetarian. He replied: “Luckily, we now know you can get your protein through vegetables if you’re a vegetarian. I have seen many body builders that are vegetarian and they get strong and healthy.”