January Viva! Podcast 2018 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

January Viva! Podcast 2018

Featuring vegan activist Rehana Sara, Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley speaks about how Viva! shares a vision with Bristol Animal Save, Music from Vegan band 'Life' and more.

January Viva! Podcast 2018

Kris eases you into the new year - our third (well, we DID start in 2016) - with more vegan news, views and interviews. Plus, there's music, a new version of the 30 Day Vegan programme, and a chance to listen in on some inspirational moments as Viva! went along for a recent Bristol Animal Save event.

Lucy Cooke delivers a powerful poem about animal rights at the 2017 SURGE march in London

Juliet Gellately spoke about how her organisation shares a vision with Bristol Animal Save (http://bristolanimalsave.com/)

Vegan Activist

Music from Vegan band 'Life' https://en-gb.facebook.com/kennardsacademy/

Vegan 'no waste' campaigner Rehana Sara Jomeen dropped into Viva! HQ (https://rehanajomeen.com/about/)

Kris talks the business of ...er... business with local nut butter manufacturer Mike Duckworth who launched Nutcessity just last year (2017) (www.nutcessity.co.uk)

An all-new version of the 30 Day Vegan Plan is now online at www.30dayvegan.viva.org.uk

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