February 2018 Viva! Vegan Podcast | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

February 2018 Viva! Vegan Podcast

Featuring Veganuary, Vegan Recipe Club, Vegan Geezer, The Vegan Activist

February 2018 Viva! Vegan Podcast


With Veganuary under our belts already, Kris mixes politics, food and comedy as we head towards the end of Winter and the start of February. 

What's Veganuary all about anyway? (courtesy of The Beeb)

Vegan Geezer takes time off from YouTube to visit our studio.

Simplification advice from The Vegan Activist

The Viva! Vegan Recipe Club has Valentine's Day in its sights, on its site - and on our plates. 

Hear a fantastic vegan Adele parody by Treena Strong and Light Twins.

Why we're going to Shoreditch. (Clue: there's a festival).

The rhythm is strong with this one: hear the beats-without-the-meats from "the 40 Year Old Vegan" (http://chokeules.com)

We go on location (well, just around the corner, actually) to sample Bristol institution Pie Minister's new vegan pastry "Kevin". Yes, it's a pie. And yes, it has a name.

There's even some manic spelling lessons, courtesy of the Guacamole Song by US online comedy duo Rhett and Link.

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