December 2017 Viva! Podcast | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

December 2017 Viva! Podcast

Featuring Juliet Gellatley at Dean Farm Sanctuary, Benjamin Zephaniah, an interview with Dr Sailesh Rao, Co Producer of Cowspiracy, The Sustainability Secret, Bring Hope To Millions, Viva!Health Christmas tips

December 2017 Viva! Podcast


Podcast host Kris Townsend delivers a bumper festive edition of the Viva! podcast, including his favourite show guest so far!

Tag along with Viva founder Juliet as she visits Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary to see how their rescued Turkeys are thriving (get our turkey fact sheet here) 

Hear the righteous vegan poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah - "Talking Turkeys"

Sit in on an exclusive 2-part interview with "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" co-producer Dr. Sailesh Rao, who is also a writer, vegan and founder/Executive Director of Climate Healers ( whose goal is to reforest one-sixth of the ice-free land area of the earth to neutralize human carbon dioxide emissions temporarily.

An update on "Bring Hope to Millions", our successful and groundbreaking campaign to put the first veganism adverts in UK cinemas

A peak inside the festive line-up of vegan gifts now available for order from the virtual 'shelves' of the Viva! shop

Hear some satirical rap from Jay Brave "Vegan Shut Up" 

Get the inside track on vegan-friendly festive health hints with Veronika's Crimbo Health Tips

And we wrap with an animal-friendly alternative Christmas message from the AntiPoets "Turkeys Can't Write Poetry!" (

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