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Energy Saving

Top tips to save money on your energy bills and keep your home warm and comfortable during cold winters.

You might be concerned about energy consumption because of its environmental implications – in particular climate change. But paying attention to your energy usage could also save you a significant amount of money. Here are just a few of our favourite easy-to-follow money-saving tips:

  • Keep an eye on your thermostat. It’s estimated that turning your thermostat down by 1⁰C could reduce your annual fuel bill by up to £60. However, this should never be done if it will compromise your health or exacerbate existing health conditions.
  • Save time and stock up when you cook. If you're going to use the oven, bake a few meals at a time to get the most out of having your oven on. This can be a great opportunity to stock up your freezer with some tasty meals for the weeks and months ahead. Plus a fuller freezer doesn’t have to work so hard, saving even more energy.
  • Let your oven heat your home. After cooking, why not leave the oven door open and let it heat your kitchen?
  • Degrees matter. It is thought up to 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used in heating up the water. Make use of new washing detergents that can wash effectively at only 30–40⁰C – and lower the temperature setting on your future washes.
  • Standby for action! With a growing number of remote controls we’ve become used to leaving many of our electrical devices on standby rather than switching them off. The Energy Saving Trust believes that up to £80 a year is wasted in the average home because of appliances left on standby. Well worth making that extra effort to switch them off!

Are you ready to switch?

The Government encourages people to shop around to find the most economic energy deal. But many of us are deterred by stories of poor customer service and billing errors. However, a glance at some of the savings available might just encourage you to take the plunge and make that switch. An easy way to gauge any savings you might be able to make is through comparison websites. A good place to start is This is a website run by Ofgen, the energy industry regulator. It explains clearly how the process of switching works. It also lists a number of approved switch comparison websites.

Green energy

Electricity generation remains the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK. Concerned about the environment? Then an important decision that you can make is getting your energy from a supplier that prioritises using renewable energy sources.

Ecotricity is one of the most well-known green energy companies. When assessed by lifecycle carbon emissions the electricity it supplies is the greenest of any company in Britain. The company also has a number of environmental initiatives that distinguish it from most other companies. For example, it is the only supplier of green gas in Britain.

There is one other big advantage that might appeal to you. Switch your energy supply to Ecotricity and not only will you be using green energy at a fair price but as a thank you they will donate up to £60 to Viva! Either quote reference VIVA if you call them on 08000 302 302. 0r follow this link: Viva! electricity.