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Cooking for One

Practical advice on how to maintain a healthy, tasty and varied veggie diet.

Meals for one!

If you are a single person, maintaining a good and varied vegan and vegetarian diet might sometimes be difficult. We are all creatures of habit and it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut – especially if you have been feeling unwell and your appetite has been dulled.

A lack of interest in food can be a particular problem for people who have been recently bereaved. Not only are they faced with the emotional and physical effects of grief but they may also be having to adjust to just cooking for one person rather than two. This can be further complicated if the person who has died was the main cook in the household.

Vegetarian for Life has recently published a guide that can really help people in this situation. Cooking for One features many inspiring recipes and a weekly menu plan. It includes savvy budget tips such as how to save money when you go shopping. There is also advice about how to make your money go further in the kitchen, e.g. using your freezer wisely, and also how certain cooking techniques can save you money.

Ready-made meals

An additional choice for singles that has become increasingly popular, especially with frailer people, is to have ready meals delivered direct to your home. Vegetarian for Life’s Dinners to your Door guide shows that it is possible to enjoy all the convenience of these meals without having to compromise your vegetarian or vegan principles.

Dinners to your Door features many of the leading companies that produce meals for home delivery, as well as some of their delicious recipes. From Tuscan Bean Casserole to Spanish Style Vegetables & Rice and from Carrot & Ginger Soup to a Red Pepper Boat filled with Mushrooms there is something to appeal to everyone’s appetite.

Not surprisingly, the versatility and convenience of these meals will also appeal to individuals who don’t need support with meals. Available either chilled, frozen or even freeze-dried they easily can match your lifestyle – less waste and less strain on your budget!

Many older adults will appreciate the ease of having these delicious vegetarian and vegan meals delivered directly to their door. And it will prove particularly useful for those who are unable to leave their homes because of disability or ill health. It may also be a great relief to someone caring for a relative or friend to know that these meals can help ensure they continue to enjoy a varied and nutritious diet.