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From Juliet: "It is day two of the vigil outside Hogwood Horror Farm Lizzie filmed the pigs loaded on to a transporter. I find this so upsetting. Seeing the very pigs I filmed six weeks ago now in a lorry. Lacerations across their abused bodies. So innocent. They don't know their young...
Grisly remains were found at a woods near Hogwood Farm (which has been reported to the authorities). Watch Juliet's emotional account .....
Listen to Juliet destroy the propaganda from the British pig industry, who try and downplay the findings of Viva! Campaigns' legal investigation into the horrors she uncovered at Hogwood Pig farm...
We paid our respects to the victims of the A16 crash and continued spreading education to Waitrose shoppers at John Lewis HQ (parent company of Waitrose) and the Marylebone Waitrose store in London. Watch Juliet's moving speech on why there must be justice for the Waitrose pigs.
Flat House Farm

Red Tractor ‘appalled’ by barbaric conditions found on Leicestershire mega pig unit

Monday, August 24, 2020

Viva! Campaigns’ undercover investigators expose shocking conditions at a Red Tractor approved farm

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Investigation: Flat House Farm

Investigation: Flat House Farm

Red Tractor 'appalled' by barbaric conditions exposed in our latest undercover investigation into British pig farming. Take action now.

Vegan Documentary Wins at the British Documentary Film Festival

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The animal rights documentary HOGWOOD: a modern horror story has won the Wild Animal award at this year’s prestigious British Documentary Film Festival.

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