Tony Wardle, associate director & Editor of Viva!life | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Tony Wardle, associate director & Editor of Viva!life

What I do

I have been with Viva! since its launch, helping Juliet with precious few resources – staff or money! My title is associate director and I can turn my hand to most things that Viva! does, and can talk on almost all the subject areas we cover. But my time is consumed mostly with words, writing for and editing our supporters magazine, Viva!life, checking, editing a large output of written material as well as conceiving and writing much of it.

I went vegan because...

I witnessed what life was really like on modern dairy farms when I lived surrounded by them. The catalyst was when a cow gave birth in the field outside my house and I watched as she followed with great anxiety her little bull calf as he was carried away to the farmyard – to be shot.

My favourite vegetable...

Hotpot, sag aloo, baked, mashed with spring onions and olive oil, chipped, sauteed, aloo gobi, rosti – it has to be ptotatoes.  

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