Yorks 3 Peaks May 2010 & Welsh 15 Peaks July 2010 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Yorks 3 Peaks May 2010 & Welsh 15 Peaks July 2010

Following six months of training, Helen Rossiter and Viva!'s Liam Nolan and Juliet Gellatley walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk (23.5 miles in 12 hours) on May 8, 2010 and then Helen and Ash George crazily continued on with the Welsh 15 Peaks Challenge (32 miles in 24 hours) on July 3-4, 2010. That’s a total of 55.5 miles of mountains! None of them had ever done anything like it before and not all made it and for good reason, but for those who did and didn't - it was an awesome achievement!

The 15 Welsh mountain peaks summits are above 3,000 ft.

Team Viva! raised a substantial figure of almost £5000 for this gruelling feat. ​Juliet said: "I was not  a walker and the training for this event transformed me! I remember at the start of training I thought two miles was a long way to walk and then 20 miles into the actual event, was thinking "only five miles to go"! I highly recommened doing something like this - it's a once in a lifetime adventure and the feeling of achievement will stay with you. It was wonderful to raise £5,000 for Viva!'s campaigns for animals and get fit (or fitter!) at the same time - a win win!"

If you fancy hiking for Viva! - just google "Walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks for charity" and choose a company to help you stay safe and achieve your goals! They will appoint you a leader and do the walk with you.