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Team Viva! Fundraising Ideas

Choosing the activity to fundraise with is an important part of the fundraising process. With so many charities and fundraisers out there, it can be hard to pick something which will really stand out. With that in mind, here are a few pieces of advice which will help you choose the best activity for you.

Pick something which people will know is difficult.

It might sound really great to be sponsored to eat cake every day, but this isn't something which will grab your potential sponsors' attention.
Try to choose something which is outside of your usual comfort zone (a keen runner would be better off doing a non-active fundraiser) so that people will see that you are making a particular effort with your fundraising.
If you love nothing more than entering pie-eating contests, try picking something active or unusual.

Make your activity stand out.

Perhaps you would like to hop a marathon in an animal outfit? Maybe you would like to break the world baked-bean-bathing record?
Including a personal story about your goals and the reasons for them can be very compelling - as can making fun and silly additions to a good idea. Have a brainstorm (on your own or with friends) and see what you can come up with.

Have a think about who you might ask to sponsor you.

Viva! will promote your activity in a way that works best with what you have chosen to do.
However, the ability to reach new audiences is one of the best things about fundraising. Have a think about whether you have any contacts who might be happy to promote your activity - and whether you can build up a relationship with the people you promote to in order to increase their interest in what you're doing.

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