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Spinning for Viva!

Sponsor Colleen and Karen as they cycle 93 miles to raise awareness of factory farmed animals!

Colleen Brewer and Karen Freer began to take cycling seriously when they moved to Bristol in September 2016. 

In addition to adopting a full-time vegan lifestyle, the couple wanted to push their cycling limits and entered into the 93 mile Suffolk Spinner Sportive that took place on July 30, 2017.

"We wanted to do some sort of Audax or Sportive this year but we didn't know which to do. I found the Suffolk Spinner Sportive [and] it seems like a good option for us as it is just after my 35th birthday", said Karen. "We chose the 93 mile option because we want to challenge ourselves - neither of us have ever cycled this length in this sort of event before, so it is going to be new to both of us".

Karen expressed their interest in raising money for Viva! stemmed from the desire to choose a local charity that helped expose the treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industries.


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Spinning for Viva!