Simon's swim - Sunday 25th August 2013 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Simon's swim - Sunday 25th August 2013

This sponsorship is an example of how a challenge can change someone's life! On Sunday 25th August 2013 Viva!'s trusty designer Simon Parkin closed down Photoshop and picked up a pair of speedos, ready for the intimidating open water swimming event in Marlow Buckinghamshire. 

Simon's race was a taxing 750m in an unpleasantly cold river Thames. He hated swimming and it was a major feat to train and swim in wild waters - raising a wonderful £400! But since then he hasn't looked back - regularly doing open water swimming, finding a sport he loves.

"To my amazement it was fantastic! I loved taking part. Really enjoyed it. It was tough going at points but gave me a real sense of satisfaction to finish - for someone who's always shied away from sports that was a revelation for me. It was pouring with rain but I didn't even notice. No ill effects from drinking half the Thames! A great day!"

We say congratulations Simon, and thanks for joining the team!

See info about Simon's race, organised by Human Race, here.