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Karolina walks the West Highland Way for Viva!

Karolina getting ready for her long walk. At 16 years old, Karolina is walking 151km (93.8 miles!) along the West Highland Way in only eight days! Her amazing idea came about after she listened to The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" and decided to make it (almost) a reality. Her challenge will begin on 1st June 2017 - and will be completely vegan. Check out her JustGiving page for updates!

She says: "Let’s get one thing straight, I am not an outdoorsy person. I do not like spending my time setting up a tent in the rain. I do not like camping food, only getting cold water to shower with and of course the most important one… I do not like having no Wi-Fi.

This will be the first time I will be walking this distance and not gonna lie, I'm kind of petrified.

"The trail will include wild camping, blisters, fighting off millions of midges, carrying my backpack up many hills and mountains and all the other fun stuff. I will defiantly be pushing my limits to make it the whole way. Many people have given up along the way." The trip will definitely be a challenge!

"After realizing that this is actually happening, I have decided to do it for charity. Because if I have to suffer, someone might as well get something out of it!"

Viva’s activism is not aggressive towards meat eaters but more inspiring.

"Without hesitation, I chose Viva!. This has been a very familiar charity to me since my childhood. Viva! was my main source of information when transitioning to veganism. I have also had a look at Juliet Gellatley’s book The Silent Ark (available at Viva! and on Amazon) . Viva’s activism is not aggressive towards meat eaters but more inspiring. Viva! shows the positives of a vegan lifestyle, as well as the truth about factory farming."

Help Karolina make a difference. She's walking further than she has ever walked before - and she's doing it to help Viva! to save animals. Do you want to take part? Show your support by sponsoring her amazing challenge.


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Karolina posing in her backpack and her Viva! t-shirt!