FAQs | Viva! - The Vegan Charity


I would like to fundraise. What kinds of things can I do?

There are endless possibilities for fundraising. The only thing that Viva! require is that the event or activity that you take part in is, as far as possible, vegan. For example, if you want to enter a pie-eating contest, make sure that they provide vegan pies!

If you would like to see some ideas, see this page for examples.

Can you help me out with promotion?

Yes! We can help out with promoting your event on Facebook, creating pages on the Viva! site and with other things relevant to your fundraising activity. Everyone's activity is different - and so is every person who raises funds for us. Get in touch with us to discuss the options for promoting your fundraising.

Do I need to arrange anything in order to raise funds for Viva!?

There are a few things that we will need you to do before fundraising for us. The first is to let us know that you will be fundraising for Viva!, and what you intend to do.

Secondly, ensure that you have adequate insurance for the activity you plan to do. Many organised events include insurance for participants, but it is best to check with them what you will be covered for.

Viva! can provide third-party liability insurance for fundraising events that are held solely in support of Viva! (i.e. if you are fundraising for multiple charities, this will not apply), but this will not cover you in case of personal injury or accident. We advise you, particularly if your activity is risky in any way, to take out temporary personal insurance to cover any issues that could arise during the event.

Finally, we want to ensure that the promotion for your event is as effective as possible. So, if you have any pictures that you would be happy for us to include on your page, please send them by email to teamviva@viva.org.uk. High-quality originals get the best results.

How will you use the funds that I raise?

Viva! will use the funds that you raise to fund any and all of the work we do as an organisation. This could include campaigns, fundraising, health or environmental research, vegan resources, running costs and salaries. If you would like to target a specific area or campaign for your fundraising, please let us know.

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer them!