BOXING CLEVER | Viva! - The Vegan Charity


The fantastic KELLY MASON has raised over £2500 for Viva!, by participating in a Charity Boxing Event!

We're absolutely knocked out with this amazing result. Well done Kelly, and thanks to everyone who has contributed!

In May 2016, Kelly tackled one of the toughest, bravest challenges we've seen.

Fighting fit, but with no previous boxing experience, she participated in the CRN Fight Night, an annual London event where  keen amateurs can test themselves to the limit while helping the charity of their choice. We're delighted that she chose Viva!

200 applicants from all walks of life were whittled down to 18 over several weeks of constant professional evaluation and intense training.
Not only did Kelly make it through this gruelling selection process to compete in the ring, but she smashed her fundraising target by raising an incredible £2514!

This will give an enormous boost to Viva!'s investigative work to expose the grim reality of the pig industry , and will help bring it to even wider attention through our hard-hitting Face Off campaigns.


Kelly said: "I have been vegan for almost two years and am a Yoga teacher. I have taken part in the CRN fight night so I can discipline myself during my time back with the IT company I work for as well as waiting to contribute efforts from myself to a charity that I believe in, that I stand by and that run in line with what I wish to stand for as a Human - When looking for a charity that reflected a cause / movement close to my heart, my morals, ethics and lifestyle I could not have chosen any other."

It's great to have you in our corner, Kelly! You're amazing - thank you so much, and well done to everyone who contributed.