Ash's run - Sunday 15th Sepember 2013 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Ash's run - Sunday 15th Sepember 2013

Back in 2013, Viva!'s then IT bloke, Ash George, signed up to run the Bristol Half Marathon. Having run this distance before added to the challenge by attempting to shave 15 minutes off his previous personal best time. 4 months of training 4 times a week later, Ash completed the course in 1hr 34min 23secs! He raised a whopping £1,087 for Viva!.

Before the run, Ash told us: "My challenge is to step up my training any make a huge dent in my personal best time over a half marathon distance.

Unfortunately, when I was last training for a big run, my best time was only 2hrs. So I'm anticipating a lot of PAIN between now and then. However, I've made arguably the hardest step already and chosen my new trainers.

I am supporting the charity for which I work - Viva!, who are the most outspoken animal organisation. Who put blood sweat and tears into delivering a message that helps millions of scapegoats and underdogs around the globe." 

After his fantastic run he said: "Thanks, thanks and more thanks to those who supported me during this event. The run had an electric atmosphere, and I really enjoyed at least half of the race - before the pain kicked in. It was a great day and was proud to be representing Viva! in front of such a large crowd.”