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New Film SWINE – We are Sleepwalking into a Superbug Epidemic

Would you pay the ultimate price to save the lives of millions? 


 Factory farming has been hiding a dark secret.

For decades this unregulated and out of control industry has been abusing animals & antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance is coming and we are running out of time…

The question is will we do so something about it?








Jasmine Desloges: "Watched it and have to say it is excellent. It is to the point, informative, not too gory for some viewers who are new to animal abuse, and mentioning the consequence to "human health" brings a personal dimension to the whole issues. Congratulations on all of view and I wish many millions get to see this documentary."

Vegan Chef Day (AT THE LAUNCH): "Swine is such a powerful short film, seeing the eyes of the pigs as if they were looking through the film into me was so moving and understanding the science behind the reasons why the end of antibiotics will happen was really powerful. I think it will help non-vegans make the links - how eating animals will affect them in very worrying ways."

Roshni Karia: "An amazing, eye opening film!! So glad I was there. You guys are real life heroes, thank you for all the incredible work that you do <3"

Jasmine Morris: "Fantastic bit of film - truly eye opening. Well worth a watch if you care about your health, animals and the state of meat production."

Sophia Ellis: "A brilliant film and inspiring. We are growing resistant to antibiotics and one simple change of lifestyle can prevent this from happening. Open your eyes to the truth."