Simon Parkin, Designer | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Simon Parkin, Designer

What I do

I've been providing graphic design for Viva! since the year 2000 and I love working with them. I was previously at a soul-less job where one day I had to design a business card for a butchers. I had recently gone vegan and this went completely against my beliefs. I realised the impact my graphic design was having and decided I could only work for clients who were making a positive change in the world. I quit my job and started work for Viva! soon after.

I now design Viva!'s magazine, Viva!Life, and the lion’s share of their leaflets, guides and appeals. It's great knowing that my design goes a little way towards helping people cut down their meat and dairy consumption.

My favourite vegetable…

Butternut squash (or the humble mushroom!).