Roger Penarroya Zaldivar, Web & IT Manager | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Roger Penarroya Zaldivar, Web & IT Manager

What I do

I am the web and IT manager at Viva!. I focus mainly on the maintenance of all of Viva!’s websites and work on improving them. I also support all Viva! staff with the tasks related to our websites such as content creation, fixing possible code errors, etc.

Working at Viva!

Working at Viva! is a great opportunity for me to use my time and energy towards something good! Knowing our work is helping to improve the world and save animals from torture and murder is a huge motivation.

I have two children and I think that my work at Viva! is a really good way to make the world a better place for them.

I went vegan because…

I have been an activist all my life, fighting for the rights of humans -as well as other animals- and the environment. Turning vegan was a natural evolution, as it is not compatible to me to define myself as an environmentalist and eat meat.

A vegan world is the only way to save our planet and secure human and animal rights for everybody.

My favourite veg

Hard to say. I am from Catalonia and wild mushrooms are very traditional there. My favorite ones are called ‘Lactarius sanguifluus’, commonly known as the bloody milk cap (‘rovelló’ in Catalan). Fry rovellons with olive oil, garlic and some parsley and you will get one of the best meals!