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Respect, Kelly, respect!

Respect, Kelly, respect!

Kelly Mason raises £2514.75

“Well, I’m happy to tell you that we have increased the amount of my initial target for you guys by £1,500 – the amount raised is £2514.75”.

That on its own is amazing but how it was raised is even more so.

Kelly Mason entered the posh, white-tie, CRN Fight Night boxing tournament for people involved in the communications industry and for which she had to undergo rigorous training.

Kelly doesn’t have any real interest in boxing but did it just to raise money for Viva!.

She tried to make light of it – ‘big gloves, head guards, sub amateur’ – but having watched the fight, I swear I wouldn’t go three rounds with her! It was stopped in Kelly’s favour in the third round.

A yoga teacher and artist, Kelly has also joined our Art for Animals scheme and part of her donation was from the sale of one of her paintings, Curtis the Cock, who now resides in the South of France in a barn conversion.

She is currently working on three more pictures which will go up on her Viva! pages shortly.

Respect, Kelly, respect!