Issue 61 | Spring 2016 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Issue 61 | Spring 2016

Issue 61 | Spring 2016


Dive into this issue and you'll see how incredibly active Viva! is! Thank you for being part of a force for change.

Viva! has launched a year-long campaign, Face Off based on our recent undercover exposés.
It has been extremely harrowing filming inside British factory farms. I knew, of course, it would be, having exposed these hell-holes many times before.
But having to reveal my emotions directly to camera for the first time, with the animals beside me, was far more painful than any other under-cover work I’ve done. The mental barriers I use to protect myself just came tumbling down and I was at one with these desperate souls incarcerated in a world of torment.

Thankfully, as Viva! tours the UK with our films revealing the lives of pigs and egg-laying hens, the reactions of the British public are more compassionate and heart-warming than any of us envisaged. Rather than watch for a few seconds then walk away, everyone has watched the footage from beginning to end and most have pledged to change themselves!

If you can support this important, ground-breaking campaign, please do so and read about it on pages 12-14 and 16-17. Face Off is supported by several celebrities, one being our Patron Jerome Flynn. Read how he almost jettisoned acting but instead found himself starring in one of the most popular TV series on the planet, Game of Thrones! And how Viva! rocked his world! (pages 8-10 and 46).

No doubt you’ve come across the misconceptions some men have that meat contains a magic ingredient to make muscles grow – as well as other things! It doesn’t – the opposite is true! See Dr Justine Butler’s fabulous myth-buster on pages 20-21 and how to beef up without meat on page 22.

I’m delighted that the wonderful Dr Michael Greger has contributed to this issue (pages 40-41). Viva! and the CNM have organised a sell-out UK speaking tour for him and if you have not been able to book tickets then I highly recommend his book, How Not to Die. It is empowering, fascinating, illuminating and Michael writes with humour and an awe-inspiring depth of knowledge.

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Finally, I’m proud to announce that Viva! is collaborating with the massively popular Northern and Great Yorkshire Vegan Festivals, not only in Manchester and Leeds, but also in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham and Nottingham too, producing fantastic and fun, national Viva! Vegan Festivals (page 47).

I hope to see you at one of them!

Yours for the animals

Juliet Gellatley
Founder & Director