Issue 54 | Winter 2013 | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Issue 54 | Winter 2013

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Issue 54 | Winter 2013
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Welcome to Viva!life issue 54

“Torture,” screamed the headline in the Daily Mirror on November 8, with a picture of a caged and horribly distressed foie-gras duck. Inside the paper were two more full pages on Viva!'s investigation into the French company that supplies Gordon Ramsay with this despicable ‘delicacy.’ And to complete the Mirror’s support, its editorial described the treatment of foie-gras ducks as ‘Gut Wrenching (see pages 20-21).’ All the hard work that has produced this stunning story is worthwhile as we know that such prominent publicity strikes a heavy blow in defence of these poor animals.

With our 20th anniversary just around the corner, it is a great reminder of the many other successful blows we have landed over the last 20 years that have reduced the suffering farmed animals are subjected to.

In this issue are some great initiatives which we implore you to get involved with. There’s the launch of our star-studded EP, Talk to the Animals which you can download for only £1.58; there’s Jerome Flynn’s ripper of a raffle, with souvenirs from his latest drama, Ripper Street; you can pre-order our gorgeous vegan cookery book; you can be (and encourage friends to be) part of the fantastic new Veganuary and you can buy from our range of cruelty-free merchandise.

And hopefully, you can make it to our annual dinner (page 19). All this is so we can raise funds to continue our vitally important work for the animals – so we can expose more factory farms.

Please be generous because you are all we have.

Yours for the animals

Juliet Gellatley


Founder & Director
0117 944 1000 |