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Other films/videos/footage

If you would like us to add your video to this page then just send the link to info@viva.org.uk.

Many more films can be found on the Viva! YouTube channel here .. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIzoXID3Km2jUr60tz4vR6g

‘Dumb Animals’

(Graphite pencil on A4 paper) A depiction of a cattle auction (inspired by photos taken by Viva! at a typical U.K. auction), circa 2015. Soundtrack taken from an actual auction of this type, overlaid with the sound of calves that had very recently been taken from their mothers and isolated in...>>


New moving film, Milk, by world renowned animal artist, Philip McCulloch-Downs, made for, and inspired by, Viva's work. Philip said: 2 million calves are born annually on UK Dairy Farms. They are forcibly removed from their mothers 12 - 72 hours after birth, and can be sold at only 1 week old...>>

The Herd

The award winning short film directed by Melanie Light . Written by Ed Pope. Starring Pollyanna McIntosh, Victoria Broom and Charlotte Hunter. Dylan Barnes, Jon Campling, Francessca Fowler, Andrew Shim and Sarah Jane Honeywell. The Herd replaces female cows with female humans, and by doing so hopes...>>

BBC Sunday Morning Live

Juliet Gellatley (Founder and Director of Viva!) debates ‘Is Meat A Moral Issue’ on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live...>>

Animal Tales

Animal tales don’t always have a happy ending, but you can save thousands of animals from a short life of pain and suffering by one simple decision. Go vegan. Viva!’s short new film asks consumers to make the connection. Please choose kind.>>


What You Should Know About Fish, The Ocean, and More!>>

What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry

The egg industry has done an impeccable job keeping us in the dark. Most people have no idea what hens (and male chicks) go through for egg production today. So I have put together the most comprehensive video, and article: http://bit.do/eggtruth possible, exposing the truth about eggs and the egg...>>

Viva! Poland Animal Sanctuary

The Dogs of Korabiewicach Animal Sanctuary Viva! Poland. Dedicated to those who care for these dogs - they all need homes. How to help: please donate paypal: korabiewice@viva.org.pl Neuter & spay your pets, overpopulation kills. Don't breed or buy, adopt a homeless dog. www.schronisko.info...>>

Viva!'s 20th Anniversary Film

Watch our brand new 20th anniversary film showing our history of saving animals - with your support. It's been an amazing journey and we couldn't have done it without you! If you haven't already p lease support our work by joining Viva! or with a donation ...>>

Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow

Find your nearest roadshow: www.viva.org.uk/roadshow Come along to Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow and enjoy, with family and friends, a fantastic day out. You can: Taste a whole range of veggie foods from international dishes you can whiz up at home to ready-to-go convenience foods Receive...>>

The Dark Side of Dairy

Cows produce milk to feed their babies - just like humans. It flows for the best part of a year and then stops. More milk requires more babies. That's the reality of dairy farming - the visible, obvious side of the industry. But there is another, cruel, much darker side to dairy which few see...>>

The Fortune Teller - A Lamb's Story

Although many see it as the ultimate in free-range farming, the seemingly idyllic scene of a ewe and her lambs out grazing the British countryside hides the stark reality of life for these gentle souls.>>

The Truth About Dispatches

Channel 4 Dispatches aired a documentary called "The Truth About Vegans". They made several allegations about Viva! and our investigation of Hogwood Farm, and attempted to portray us as ‘extremists’. Here, our founder and director Juliet Gellatley responds to the documentary...>>

Meet The Animals At Viva! Poland Animal Sanctuary

Viva! Poland is one of the pre-eminent animal groups in the country. In this video, founder, Juliet Gellatley visits the Viva! Poland Animal Sanctuary, meets the animals and talks with Manager, Cezary Wyzinsky. Meet some of the animals from Viva! Poland and help raise vital funds for their upkeep...>>

Viva!ccino - Saving Cows With Every Cup

Our Viva!ccino tour was a great success!>>

Face Off - Juliet Gellatley investigates Hogwood Pig Farm, Warwickshire

Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire houses 15,000 pigs. It is one of the largest pig farms Viva! has ever seen. Conditions there for pigs are so appalling we have launched a campaign urging people to TAKE ACTION and help us close the farm down.>>

The Pus in Your Milk

Milk really has got the lot! Because so many cows have infected udders, pus is in all milk. The legal limit in the UK is 400 million pus cells per litre.>>

Sirens of the lambs

Street artist Banksy created a slaughterhouse lorry full of stuffed animals which was driven around the meat-packing district of New York.>>

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake - Vegan Ville (Harlem Shake)>>

Ducks out of Water