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Martin Shaw and Viva! fight for ducks

Martin Shaw and Viva! Fight for Ducks

"Every time a spotlight is shone into yet another dark recess of factory farming I shake my head in disbelief and despair. I admire and wholeheartedly support Viva!’s undercover investigation into slaughter because through their disclosures comes hope of change."
Martin Shaw
Actor and Viva! Patron



Viva! patron and actor, Martin Shaw, has joined forces with us to narrate this powerful short film; with footage from Viva!’s undercover filming over the last decade. It shows the plight of the 15 million ducks that are bred each year in theUK for meat. Most are intensively farmed indoors, without access to water for swimming – a huge welfare insult for these essentially wild birds. Killed at just seven weeks old, the only life most of them know is the four walls of their concrete prisons. This must end. We can make it end.

We are determined to end the factory farming of ducks and promote a compassionate veggie diet. Please forward this video to everyone you know.

Get involved!: Discover what else you can do to help Britain’s favourite bird. Below is Viva!'s Ducks Out of Watercampaign film (4 mins), with footage from our recent investigation into the slaughter of ducks. Read the heartache of our undercover investigator here.